1991 Honda NSR250R SP - SOLD

MC21-1016262 Watermark Pic.png
MC21-1016262 Watermark Pic.png

1991 Honda NSR250R SP - SOLD



The Honda NSR250R SE is an upgraded version of the base "R" model. The Super Edition version features upgraded suspension and transmission components. This SE also has the light-weight mag wheels, effectively making it identical to an SP model

  • 22,661km (14,075 miles)
  • 290lbs, ~55 hp (de-restricted)
  • Honda Fighting red, white, blue & "Green Tail" color scheme
  • Fully-adjustable suspension
  • Close-ratio gearbox
  • Dry clutch
  • Light-weight magnesium wheels
  • Final Price TBD
  • Available for Reservation Now (Reference ID: MC216262)

This bike is currently undergoing our full inspection and restoration process. As such, the final price is subject to change. Reserve now or call for details. See our Reservation Policy on the Information page.

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