the moto2 difference, from start to finish

We pride ourselves on... Below is a time series set of pictures highlighting the restoration work we put into every single bike. This particular bike was a 1990 Honda NSR250R with 7,200 miles. 

Being a predominantly low-lying island, many bikes in Japan suffer the long-term effects of corrosion and rust from the salty sea air. Stripped of its plastics, you can see what many of these bikes really look like, and why we treat them the way we do.

Once in our shop, we strip the bikes down to their frame and perform a rigorous inspection of every component. Any worn or damaged parts are repaired/replaced and we ensure that all systems are in proper working condition. This includes the engine and carburetors, clutch and transmission, front and rear suspension, brakes and cables, all lights and electrics, and the fuel, oil, & coolant systems. Finally, while still apart, we treat and remove the years of rust, dirt, and corrosion build-up. When we are satisfied the work is up to Moto2 standards, we reassemble the whole bike from the ground up.

Last but not least is the exterior work because we want our bikes to look as good as they run. After the mechanical work, we professionally detail every visible part of the exterior. For minor scuffs and scratches, we will use touch-up paint or similar fixes. For bigger issues, we can powder coat wheels and re-spray tanks and other parts. We know our buyers prefer original factory plastics so we try to repair rather than replace minor damage to bodywork. However, for cracked plastics or other non-repairable issues, we work with a supplier of high quality ABS injection molded fairings. These fairings are professionally painted and clear coated, and the best available after market fairings in our opinion. The end result of all this work is a bike that any of us here at Moto2 Imports would be proud to own, ride and show off to our friends.

attention to details is our specialty

By law, the bikes we import and restore must be at least 25 years old. Many are inoperable and have sat with each of their parts rusting, oxidizing and left to ruin. The photos above capture the details of before after shots of our bikes and can be more fully realized when you go to our Google Image site. We will be featuring detailed shots but please enjoy the hundreds more we have archived. Then, you can fully appreciate what goes into a Moto2 Imports motorcycle. The thrill is back.