About Moto2 Imports

The Moto2 Mission

Moto2 Imports was started because of a shared desire to import and ride some of the amazing motorcycles that were never made available for sale in the U.S. As anyone who has tried to import a bike can tell you, dealing with the various parties, regulations, and red tape can be excruciatingly difficult. However, we are adept at navigating the importation process and have relationships with foreign exporters, shipping brokers and import logistics companies. We handle the whole process for you from sourcing bikes, shipping, customs clearance, titling, and delivery. Most importantly, we completely restore all of our bikes from the ground up so that they are in perfect working condition. We keep bikes in stock but if we don't have what you're looking for, we can work with you to find and import the exact bike you desire. 


For our Japanese imports we work with a partner on the ground in Tokyo to source our inventory. We primarily purchase bikes from the wholesale dealer auctions, allowing us to avoid expensive retail mark-ups and pass on the savings to our customers. Once purchased, bikes are shipped to a centralized warehouse and prepared for shipping. Because international shipping rates are based on crate size and not weight, we utilized custom designed shipping crates that allow us to pack multiple bikes into a standard size crate, significantly reducing our shipping costs.

U.S. Customs Clearance & Titling

Upon arrival, bikes typically spend about a week clearing U.S/ Customs. This includes ensuring that the bikes are compliant with both EPA and DOT regulations. Once released from Customs, the bikes are ready to be titled. Because titling imported vehicles is a complicated and tedious process, we title all of our bikes so that our customers don't have to. In addition to providing providing U.S. titles, we also provide customers with copies of all the U.S. Customs documentation including Homeland Security, EPA, and DOT compliance forms. Moto2 Imports handles the entire process so that when you pick up your bike or scooter, it is fully legal and ready to ride. Our US titling fee for motorcycles is $299. 

Moto2 Inspection and Restoration Process

The Moto2 inspection and restoration process is what separates our bikes from any other. Moto2 Imports has partnered with premier tuning shop Speedwerks to provide top-notch mechanical expertise for our bikes. In conjunction with Speedwerks, we don't offer a simple 10- or 20-point inspection program, we rigorously inspect every single bike from headlight to taillight. The process starts by stripping each bike down to the frame and sorting all the major components. Below is a partial listing of work that goes into each and every bike:

  • All hardware correct and checked upon disassembly 
  • Frame - ensure frame is straight and has no structural damage
  • Engine - check/replace gaskets, ignition and spark plugs as needed; perform compression and leak down tests
  • Carburetors - clean and rebuild
  • Fuel, Oil & Coolant Systems - drain, flush and fill
  • Lights & Indicators - check/replace as needed
  • Steering - check/replace steering bearings as needed
  • Suspension - check/replace fork seals as needed; ensure proper rear shock operation and not blown
  • Brakes - check/replace levers, cables, calipers and rotors as needed
  • Clutch - check/replace levers, cables, and clutch plates as needed
  • Wheels & Tires - check/replace wheel bearings and tires as needed
  • Chains & Sprockets - check/replace as needed

After all mechanical work is performed, major components are chemically treated for rust and corrosion removal and parts are cleaned and degreased. Finally, once the bike is reassembled, we meticulously detail the bike to give it a showroom look.

Approximate vs. Final Pricing

Each bike detail page will list the price as either "approximate" or "final". Prices listed as "approximate" means the bike is still undergoing our inspection and restoration process, and the price is our best estimate of the expected sales price. Prices listed as "final" indicate that the bike has completed our inspection and restoration process and can be purchased at that price. Moto2 Imports reserves the right to alter pricing at any time.

Payment and Shipping

We accept cash, credit card, certified checks and PayPal. Buyers will be responsible for all shipping and delivery charges although we are happy to arrange shipping on the buyer's behalf. We have our own shipper primarily for east coast deliveries, and work with third-party shipping companies for central US and west coast customers. Buyers can also choose to arrange their own pick-up and shipping if they prefer. There is a 2.5% processing fee for credit card payments

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of our business and rarity of our bikes, we do not offer returns or refunds after purchase. Any exceptions to this policy will be made exclusively on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of Moto2 Imports.

Reservation Policy

Bikes can be reserved by making a deposit payment. The reservation amount is listed in the information box for each bike in our inventory. Clicking the "Reserve Now" button will allow users to immediately reserve the bike via PayPal. To make a deposit payment by credit card or other method, please contact us at (703) 966-7450 or info@moto2imports.com. Deposits will reserve the bike for seven days, and can be cancelled and refunded at any time. We offer 100% refunds, minus any PayPal or credit card reimbursement fees.


What bikes do we import?

Below you can find information and links on a number of different motorcycles and scooters that we import. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of what's available overseas, just a sample of some of the more common and/or popular models. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific model, year, color scheme, etc. 

Two-Stroke Motorcycles

If you grew up watching Grand Prix Motorcycle racing, you already know the beauty and essence of a two-stroke bike. Lighter, simpler, and with far more power output than a four-stroke engine of similar displacement, two-strokes were the engine of choice for top-level racing until they were banned in the early-2000's.

The greats such as Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, and Mick Doohan, all won multiple world championships aboard two-stoke racers. Popular two-stroke imports include the Honda NSR250R, Suzuki RGV250, and Yamaha TZR250. Don't be fooled by their small engine size. These bikes weigh in around 300lbs and can put up to 3X the horsepower of a four-stroke 250cc engine! Also available, but more rare, are the larger displacement two-stroke bikes including the Yamaha RZ350 and RZ500.

Honda NSR250R

Based on the most dominant Grand Prix bike of all-time, the legendary Honda NSR500, which captured 10 championships and over 100 wins in less than two decades. With its racing pedigree, v-twin engine, and Honda stamp of quality, this is the GP replica to own. Our hands down favorite bike.

Yamaha TZR250

Ever heard of Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, or Wayne Rainey? They all won Grand Prix championships aboard 500cc two-stroke Yamahas. That bike's little brother is the TZR250. If you grew up idolizing these American Grand Prix champions, perhaps its time to get a TZR.                          

Suzuki RGV250

Another Grand Prix-bred replica, the RGV250 is based on the two-time world champion RGV500 motorcycle. Generally regarded as the most powerful of the 250cc replicas, this bike is a beast.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Four-Stroke Motorcycles

In addition to the many two-stroke models that never made it to the U.S., a number of great four-strokes are also available overseas. These include the Honda VFR400R, CBR400RR, and CBR250RR.

Honda VFR400R

With its dual headlights, single-sided swing-arm, and V-four engine, this is by far the sexiest 400cc on the block!

Honda CBR400RR

Smaller an lighter than a CBR600, but with more power and torque than a 250RR, Honda's inline four powered 400cc CBR is another great bike that was never sold here.

Honda CBR250RR

Does 45 horsepower, a dry weight of 315lbs, and a redline of 19,000 rpm strike your fancy? Check out the CBR250RR! Just because it's the smallest bike in the CBR lineup doesn't mean it isn't a blast!


Honda Motocompo

Scooter aficionados will be familiar with these. Originally designed to fit in the trunk of one's car, these bikes' seat and handlebars fold-up into the body for easy storage. With a kickstart 50cc engine, and no gears, these are an absolute blast to get around on!

Honda Motra

Remember those crazy GI Joe vehicles you used to play with as a kid? The Motra embodies all that fun, except for adults this time around.

  Honda Monkey    Another very popular 50cc scooter, this one resembles more of a standard motorcycle, and has a four-speed transmission. Although Honda did sell some models of the Honda Monkey minibike here in the U.S., we can get the rare and desirable domestic Japanese models.

Honda Monkey

Another very popular 50cc scooter, this one resembles more of a standard motorcycle, and has a four-speed transmission. Although Honda did sell some models of the Honda Monkey minibike here in the U.S., we can get the rare and desirable domestic Japanese models.



Are your bikes street legal?

Yes, unless specifically noted, all of our bikes are delivered to customers with U.S. titles already in hand. Customers simply need to take the title and transfer it into their name at their local DMV, as with any other used vehicle purchase. Motorcycles imported specifically for racing are explicitly not street legal.

How come some of your inventory prices are not final?

Due to our exhaustive restoration process, we cannot provide firm prices until all the work has been completed. For bikes that have yet to arrive, or are currently undergoing restoration, we provide an estimate of where the bike should price after all work has been completed.

What if I need spare parts?

Moto2 Imports has relationships with multiple parts suppliers in Japan and can get any and all parts for the bikes we import. We also keep a large supply of commonly needed parts on hand in our shop.

What bikes are eligible for importation?

The basic rules for importing foreign vehicles are that if they were not originally manufactured for the US market, the bikes have to abide by strict US Customs, EPA, and DOT laws. In a nutshell, the bikes need to have been manufactured at least 25 years ago. Thus at present, all model years 1990 and prior are eligible for import. 1991 models are also eligible if they were manufactured prior to the current month. Talk to us if you have specific questions or needs.

Can you work with customers to find and import a specific bike or model?

Yes, if your specific dream bike (manufacturer, model, color scheme, etc.) is out there and legal to import, we are happy to work with you on a contract basis to get it for you. If we can find your bike and agree on a final sales price, we require a refundable deposit of 20% to begin the process. Once the bike is purchased on your behalf, the deposit becomes non-refundable, but you are still free to cancel the sale at a later date with no further obligation.


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