Welcome to Moto2 Imports - the premier full-service importer of non-US spec motorcycles, specializing in two-strokes! All Moto2 bikes are street legal, professionally inspected by trained mechanics, and ready to ride with US titles! We also offer servicing, mechanical/cosmetic upgrades and provide full post-sales support including spare parts and technical advice. See our in-stock selection of bikes for sale on our Current Inventory Page. If we don’t have want you want in stock, check out our Custom Import services. Read our recent Cycle World two-stroke shootout here and follow us on social media at and

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Custom Imports Services

Moto2 Imports is now offering Custom Import services. If we don’t have you’re dream bike in inventory we will find it and import if for you. Our import service is easy, affordable, and allows you to hand select your machine. Check out our Custom Imports page here for more details.

About Moto2 Imports

Some of the best sports bikes ever built were produced primarily for the Japanese market in the 1990s. They were lean, fast, and derived straight off the MotoGP circuit. Yes, we're talking about two-strokes. With twice the power and half the weight of an equivalent size four-stroke engine, two-stroke engines are perfect for powering light weight and incredibly agile high-end sportbikes. With their grand prix designed chassis and distinct two-stroke exhaust sound, these bikes are intoxicating to ride. But don't take our word for it, see this Cycle World interview with pro racer Anthony Mazziotto after he track tested a few of our 250 two-strokes.

Moto2 Imports is the premier importer of classic Japanese two-stroke & four-stroke motorcycles in the United States. Our bikes are carefully selected and imported in full compliance with US laws. We offer full inspection, servicing and mechanical conditioning services. We also offer complete cosmetic restoration including new fairings, paint work, and powder coating plus a full suite of performance upgrades. Our specialty is two-stroke sport bikes such as the Honda NSR250R, Suzuki RGV250, and Yamaha TZR250 models, but we also import non-US four-stroke models such as the Honda VFR400R, CBR250RR and Motocompo scooter. If we don't have what you're looking for in stock, just let us know - we offer customized search and import services.

All Moto2 bikes come with US titles listing their correct VIN number, meaning they are street legal and can be easily registered, insured, & plated (California restrictions apply). These bikes are available only at Moto2 Imports. Yes, the thrill is back.

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the moto2 difference: our inspection process is like no other

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the absolute highest quality imported bikes, bar none. Moto2 Imports has partnered with specialist tuning shop Speedwerks ( to provide top quality inspection, mechanical and tuning services. Every bike undergoes a full mechanical inspection including the engine and carburetors, clutch and transmission, front and rear suspension, brakes and cables, all lights and electrics, and the fuel, oil, & coolant systems. If needed, the engine and chassis get treated to remove any rust, dirt, and corrosion that may have built up over time. We also offer our clients a full suite of upgrades including new fairings, powder coating services, brake & suspension upgrades, exhaust systems and engine tuning. 

At Moto2 Imports, we want our bikes to look as good as they run. After the mechanical work, we professionally detail every visible part of the exterior. For minor scuffs and scratches, we will use touch-up paint or similar fixes. For bigger issues, we can powder coat wheels and re-spray tanks and other parts. We know our buyers prefer original factory plastics so we try to repair rather than replace minor damage to bodywork. However, for cracked plastics or other non-repairable issues, we work with a supplier of high quality ABS injection molded fairings. These fairings are professionally painted and clear coated, and the best available after market fairings in our opinion. The end result of all this work is a bike that any of us here at Moto2 Imports would be proud to own, ride and show off to our friends. See pics of our finished bikes below (click to enlarge).


Attention to detail, from start to finish

The instrument panel on this Suzuki RGV250 was fully restored with fresh parts, looking like it was brand new again. Additionally, all of the brackets and handlebar controls have been refitted with new parts.                                                                                                

The instrument panel on this Suzuki RGV250 was fully restored with fresh parts, looking like it was brand new again. Additionally, all of the brackets and handlebar controls have been refitted with new parts.                                                                                               

Here, you can see the frame has had 25 years of corrosion and wear chemically removed and restored to factory condition. Optional fairing upgrades are professionally painted and have a dripping wet look.


Chains, sprockets, fasteners... it doesn't matter how small the detail, every bike gets the full Moto2 treatment.                                                                                                        


As great as these bikes are stock, we can make them better with a full suite of aftermarket upgrades including engine de-restriction, suspension tuning, and exhaust systems. This NSR has had a full set of Tyga pipes added for more power and amazing sound.